Proposal and technical capabilities to achieve "one item"

Nakacoh Co., Ltd. is a sheet metal processing manufacturer that focuses on integrated build-to-order manufacturing from design to manufacturing.
In order to meet the wide range of needs of each customer, each department works together to manufacture high quality products.

Consistent ordering system with total production

We will propose from each department in cooperation from design to manufacturing and shipping.
By consistently performing a series of flows, smooth support and high quality service can be realized at a lower cost.

Ability to meet customer needs

We can support orders for a wide variety of products in small lots with a short delivery time.
Our company, which has many achievements, flexibly responds to customers' requests and makes proposals that meet their needs.

High technology based on the latest equipment and many years of experience

Since its establishment, we have made our customers' ideals into shape with know-how gained from the experience of working on many products and the latest equipment.